Israeli biotech program, biotechnology, investment boost boost the economy

Israeli biotech program, biotechnology, investment boost boost the economy

August 3, 2021 Comments Off on Israeli biotech program, biotechnology, investment boost boost the economy By admin

Israel’s government announced Wednesday that it had raised an undisclosed amount of capital for a biotechnology program that aims to develop the next generation of antibiotics.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MET) said the program will be headed by Israel’s leading antibiotic company, Biorad, and will be financed by a grant from the United States Agency for International Development.

According to MET, the program is a collaboration between MET, Israel’s national drug agency, and the Israeli government.

MET is the national agency that oversees the production of antibiotics in Israel, and it also oversees the development and use of new drugs.

The grant will support Bioram’s efforts to develop and commercialize new antibiotics for the medical community.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Press, MET head Dr. Yaakov Eitan said the project will be a success.

The program is very important, we hope that it will create new antibiotics that will help us in the fight against disease and infections,” he said.

According in the announcement, the project is intended to create new drugs to combat diseases such as the common cold, pneumonia and urinary tract infections.

MET also said the money raised will go towards supporting research projects in the area of antibiotic production, drug delivery and manufacturing.

The initiative is a step forward for MET, which had been working with Biorar to develop a new antibiotic.

The company previously worked with Israeli pharmaceutical company GSK to develop antibiotics for treatment of the common flu.

In April, MET announced it had signed a $4.5 billion agreement with BOR to develop new antibiotics, but MET and BOR have yet to sign an agreement on production.

MET said BOR is in talks with several companies to develop novel antibiotics, and MET has signed a memorandum of understanding with Bors subsidiary, Mimi-Mobi Pharmaceuticals, for the development of the first batch of antibiotics, which MET said will be made available to BOR and MET.

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