Unity Biotechnology Inc.’s new stock offering to be delayed until after 2019

Unity Biotechnology Inc.’s new stock offering to be delayed until after 2019

June 21, 2021 Comments Off on Unity Biotechnology Inc.’s new stock offering to be delayed until after 2019 By admin

A new biotechnology company has raised a $30 million Series A round led by Union Biotech, the company’s parent company.

Unity Biotech will be the company to take on the world’s largest biotechnology companies in 2019, the startup announced Tuesday.

The Series A investment was led by Firstmark Capital, which invested $15 million in the company.

Unity is focused on creating the first commercialized commercialized, human-grade biofuels, a company spokesperson said.

It aims to become the “leading supplier of commercialized biocides, including hydrogen peroxide, and its related materials, for biofuel production and commercial use,” according to Unity’s website.

Unity has also invested in another biotechnology startup, Giga Biotech.

The company has announced a series of new initiatives.

Unity says it is working to develop its biofuELX fuel system, which will be powered by algae.

The algae-powered fuel system will use algae as its main source of energy.

Unity will also work to create a proprietary, carbon-neutral fuel, which it says will be 100% renewable and can be used on the most demanding applications.

Unity also says it has a new “big data” platform, which aims to be used by organizations to better manage their own biofuel production and consumption.

The new investment marks the first in a series that Unity has made to expand its presence in the biofuenergies market.

It was founded in 2011 by its cofounder and former chief financial officer David Bensinger and former cofounder John Stryker.

Unity has since raised $60 million in funding, with more than $25 million coming from companies like Union Biotechnology, Firstmark, General Catalyst, and the Union Foundation.

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